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He told Palmer this was his first DBN of the week, which letters he jovially explained stood for Distressed British National.Murder, eh? he said. Who'd you kill?I haven't killed anyone Palmer said. Don't be a bloody fool.Let me explain how American law works, Holden said. If you actually hired someone to kill someone else, then you're as guilty as the person pulling the trigger. Murder for hire is first-degree murder, and the penalty is death by lethal injection. They use Valium. A massive dose that stops the heart. Conspiracy to commit murder is another A-felony. If you did either or both of these things . . .I didn't.I was about to say you'd be in cheap nfl jerseys for sale very deep trouble. If you did these things. Which you say you didn't.That's right.Being British is no excuse, by the way. It doesn't entitle you to immunity.I don't need immunity. I haven't done anything.Well, good then. D'you know anyone named John Bridges?No.They seem to think you know him.I don't.How about a man named Charles Colworthy?Palmer's eyes opened wide.Supposed to work with you at Martins and Grenville. Good publishers, eh? D'you know him?Palmer was thinking it over.The way they have it, Holden said, Colworthy knows someone named Delroy Lewis, who put you in touch with this Bridges chap to whom you and Cynthia Keating together paid five thousand dollars to kill her father. But that isn't so, is it?Well, I know Colworthy, yes. But . . .Ah, you do?Yes. We work together in the post room. But I certainly didn't hire . . .That's good. I'll just tell them they've made a mistake.Where'd they get those names, anyway?From the woman.What woman?Cynthia Keating, Holden said, and hooked his thumbs into his vest pockets. She's ratted you out.Palmer looked at him.But if you had nothing to do with this . . .Just a minute. What do you mean? Just because she gave them the name of someone I work with . . .The other man as well. Delroy Lewis. The one leading directly to Bridges. Who killed her father.Well, the only one / know is Charlie. He's the one I work with. I may have mentioned his name to her. In casual conversation. If so, she must have contacted him on her own.Ah, Holden said, and nodded. To ask if he might know anyone who'd help kill her father, is that it?Well, I ... I'm sure I don't know what she asked him. ,Called London to arrange his murder, is that how you see it?I don't see it any way at all. I'm merely trying to explain . . .Yes, that you, personally, had nothing to do with this.Nothing whatever.So Mrs Keating is lying to them. Has lied to them, in fact. She's accepted a deal, you see. They've dropped the conspiracy charge and lowered the murder charge to second degree. Twenty to life, with a recommendation for parole. Holden paused. They might even offer you the same deal. Then again, perhaps not.Palmer looked at him.Because of the related murder.Palmer kept looking at him.They seem to think you did that one personally. The old lady. Martha Coleridge. I have no idea where she fits into the scheme of things, but apparently she was threatening a plagiarism suit. Do you know the woman I mean?Yes, Palmer said.That would constitute a second count of first-degree murder, Holden said, and stroked his mustache. So I doubt if they'd offer you the same deal, after all.I'm not looking for a deal.Why should you be? You haven't done anything.That's right.I'll just tell them to forget it.Of course. They have no proof.Well, they have the woman's confession. Which implicates you, of course. And our chaps may get something more from Bridges, if ever they find him. They're looking for him now, apparently.

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